You ARE a Goddess 

Full-service, professional home-based salon in Brooklin, Ontario.

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Perks of a home-based business:

We all love a new "do," but with the busy lives we lead today, scheduling "me time" can be tricky. 

Goddess Hair Boutique is an independently run, home-based salon that offers the same professional service as a larger commercial salon, but with a few added perks! 

Custom Hours

At Goddess Hair Boutique we know it's hard to schedule time for our hair. Between work, kids, and life's daily responsibilities, it's hard to pinpoint when we can get that salon time in. That's why we endeavour to work around YOUR schedule. Offering appointments 7 days a week. In addition to the average salon hours, we go above and beyond to accommodate clients as best we can, offering early morning and late evening appointment times.

Quiet Time

While the hustle and bustle of a salon can be fun and exciting, some clients enjoy just relaxing in the quiet. We are happy to provide a custom experience for each client, depending on their preference.

At Goddess you can chat away with your stylist and listen to music. Or take in some peace and quiet while your colour processes and enjoy a coffee, tea, or cold beverage with the place all to yourself!

Wee Ones

For some of us, it's just Murphy's La​w: You've booked your appointment, you're ready to go, and without fail something comes up with the wee ones. Hubby is running late, the sitter cancelled, or for new moms, it's just too hard to leave them yet for any length of time.

Don't fret! There is no need to cancel or reschedule.

Goddess Hair Boutique is happy to welcome moms with babies in tow. In fact, there is a play room (and Netflix) available for your kids to enjoy (and stay occupied) while you finally get the service you've been looking forward to.  

She's all yours! 

While your look can be forever changing, your stylist shouldn't be. Take confidence knowing that at Goddess Hair Boutique you will always have the same loyal stylist seeing your service through beginning to end. You'll never be bounced around, have trouble coordinating appointments for cut and colour, or come to find your stylist has moved on elsewhere.  Here we want every client to walk away feeling amazing (like a Goddess!).  We strive for this by offering one-on-one service for each and every client.